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Deke’s Market
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Meet Kimberly Ramirez Co-Owner, with her husband Deke, of Deke’s Market – In Mah Belly Deli. Deke’s Market is located in Santa Cruz near the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor. When they were new to Santa Cruz they wanted to be a part of the community and make new connections. Deke’s love of people and Kimberly’s love of mathematics lead them to purchase a failing market. They remodeled, changed the name and brought in local merchandise. Deke’s Market has been a staple for the local community and beach visitors ever since.

Kimberly grew up in Fresno and spent many summers vacationing in Santa Cruz. She loved the laid back lifestyle and the kindness of the community. It was her goal to relocate and start a family here. She succeeded and now has a family and leaving her dream. She has two wonderful daughters, Taylor and Jayden. She is a co-leader for her daughter’s Girl Scouts, Treasure for their softball league, volunteers in the classrooms, and works a full-time job. She is busy around the clock and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kimberly’s favorite sandwich is the Hippie Bagel but their tri-tip sandwich is what won them the Good Times Award over and over. She invites you to explore their website and check out the delicious sandwiches and awesome selection of local beer and wines.

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