Urban Sanctuary Yoga Studio and Boutique

Urban Sanctuary Yoga Studio and Boutique
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I believe that your well-being consists of a combination of exercise, healthy food and finding some type of pursuit that allows you to decompress and relax, for me that is yoga. I have been practicing yoga for over 35 years and became certified to teach yoga through the Nourish teacher training program with Victor Dubin. Yoga has a very positive effect on ones mind, body and soul. In addition to teaching yoga I have over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry. I am certified in massage therapy, aquatic therapy and exercise and teaching integrative fitness for people with injury. I believe my teaching style allows students of all levels to easily follow classes, I help each participant with any accommodations they may have.

I have lived in Santa Cruz for 18 years raising my family. I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family and doing yoga. I am excited to open the doors of Urban Sanctuary to offer a range of classes to suit people from all walks of life!

-Melissa Cuddihy, Founder

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